Congratulations CCCS Athletes!

A beautiful day for track and field today at the University of Victoria where a group of CCCS atheletes competed. Congratulations to all our participants! See more photos on the Facebook page.

Gauss Math Contest

Twenty-one grade 7 and 8 students participated in the contest this year. Alex achieved the highest score in the grade 7 class. Alexandra was the top student both in the school and the grade 8 class. Well done and congratulations to all participants!

Salmon Fry Released into River at Goldstream Park

Cathedral School students in grade 1 and 2 released dozens of salmon fry into the river at Goldstream Park this morning. The salmon have been raised from the egg stage in an aquarium at the school under the careful watch of students and teachers. Good luck on your journey, salmon!

Celebration of Learning

Students proudly showed off their work and demontrated what they have been learning during the Celebration of Learning and Student-led Conferences at Christ Church Cathedral School on April 28th.

CCCS Talent Show – Telling Jokes

Click “Read More” to watch the video.


The 2017 Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair was held on April 9-10 at the University of Victoria. This year there were over 100 exhibits, including 4 from CCCS. Participants did a phenomenal job representing the school and they should all be extremely proud of their hard work and accomplishments.

2017 Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair participants were as follows:
Jude Edgington and Luka Hurschler (grade 5)
Anais Chace and Rebecca Stone (grade 6)
Robert Hou (grade 8)
Ryan Anbudaiyan (grade 8)

A huge thank you to all involved, in particular to participants and their parents. Science fair takes a tremendous amount of time, effort and dedication to be successful. Many additional hours were spent outside of the regular school timetable by students in the completion of projects and in preparation for such a big event. Without the excellent support of families, friends, and mentors the school’s participation at the regional level would not be possible.

We had great success at the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair winning the following awards:
Jude Edgington and Luka Hurschler won a corporate award from Victoria Harbour Ferry
Anais Chace and Rebecca Stone won a corporate award from the Bateman Centre
Ryan Anbudaiyan won a corporate award from Quarky Science
Ryan Anbudaiyan won an additional award from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Victoria Chapter

Congratulations to all participants!

SPRING FAIR – Saturday, May 27

The biggest event of the year – the Cathedral School & Parish Spring Fair is May 27 from 11 – 2. Silent Auction, Face Painting, Kid’s Games, BBQ & Food Stalls, Bouncy Obstacle Course, Giant Hamster Balls, Bake Sale, Dunk Tank and More!

Happy Spring Break!

Spring Break is from March 13 – 24. Classes resume Monday, March 27. We wish all our CCCS families a safe and fun break.

Engineering Olympics at UVic

Students did a great job on both design challenges at the UVic Engineering Olympics. One of the groups was able to build the highest structure of the day (2 storeys) that could hold a heavy load of playdough, 2 large batteries, and a chain of paper clips—awesome job! All the structures were build with only a few cards and two sections of tape.
For the large group challenge students did a fantastic job getting the marble into the cup many times after riding a “roller coaster” during the practice runs, but unfortunately, our luck ran out when it came time to judging. Super job again and great teamwork!
A few other activities students participated in were a clean water and parachuting activity. We also had the opportunity to tour the EcoSat and AUVic clubs, which were interesting and informative. Overall it was an awesome day for our students.

Grade 7 Entrepreneurial Project

Kids Teach Kids Week & Royal Binders: February 27 to March 3 is “Kids Teach Kids” week. Grade 7 students will be leading some fun learning activities for kids who drop-in afer school from 3:15 – 4:15. A donation of $5.00 goes toward Free the Children.

Another group of grade 7s is creating “Royal Binders”, customizable binders for kids to express their indiduality and creativity. Binders are $8 each with proceeds going to Free the Children.