Fruit & Veggie Distribution Project

Vibrant ProduceThe grade 8 class is inviting the CCCS community to contribute fresh fruit and vegetables once a month for those who are in need in Victoria. We are supporting the local community as our commitment to Free the Children, the Canadian association which we belong to. Free the Children is the sponsor of We Day which we recently attended in Vancouver.

We will be collecting the food at the school and then walking with the donations over to the St. Vincent de Paul office on View Street.  The staff of the SVDP office has informed us that the week prior to the distribution of Welfare cheques is when donations are appreciated the most.  We have set up our collection schedule for the year accordingly to meet those needs. Each month classes will receive 2 boxes to fill and collection dates will be held over a 2 day period.

Perishable fruit and veggies will be collected on the following dates:

Tuesday and Wednesday November 18th and 19th

Tuesday and Wednesday January 20th and 21st

Tuesday and Wednesday February 24th and 25th

Tuesday and Wednesday April 21st and 22nd

Tuesday and Wednesday May 19th and 20th

Tuesday and Wednesday June 16th and 17th

Our goal for the year (6 collections) is 150 kilograms of fruit and veggies.

Please help us reach our goal!

Thank you in advance for your support. ~ The grade 8 class of Christ Church Cathedral School